Seller: Caroine Hobbs
State: Oklahoma
City: Tulsa
Zip code: 74108
Type: Animals

A cat who hates cats!
  Yes, Katie, a spayed shorthaired calico, has no tolerance for cats! The sad part is she has nowhere to go except a home full of other cats. It all began when she was found abandoned and about to deliver what was no doubt her first litter from the look of complete surprise on her face when the time came. There were also signs of prior abuse of some kind due to her completely lovable but somewhat split personality behavior. She was overly protective of her babys which the other cats took personal. So began her social downfall. She prays desperatly with her little heart that they would all take a long walk off a short peir but as it is, this will not happen. So it is that untill a very special, paticent, loving, person comes along she is doomed to live a life of dark towel closets with occasional, blissfull, one on one time with a human. Cats need not apply!